Parue : “TDSR (Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review)” 29.1, Fall 2017

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Editor’s Note

Settling between Legitimacy and the Law: At the Edge of Ulaanbaatar’s Legal LandscapeRick Miller

Unrepressing Class to Reinterpret the Tradition of Midcentury Modern Architecture and Its Preservation in Tucson, ArizonaClare Robinson

A Future Vision for the Multiuse House in Kuwait: Between Acceptance and RejectionSura Saud Al-Sabah

I Dwell in [Im]possibility: Legitimating the Informal Economy around the Bus Terminal in Kampung Melayu, JakartaTriatno Yudo Harjoko

A Nexus of Social Justice, Tradition, and Disaster Risk Reduction in Balakot, Pakistan: Fostering Independence or Dependence? [Field Report] Mohammad Ashraf Khan and Lian Loke

Book Reviews
Special Report: A Tribute to Paul Oliver

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