« Creating a digital repository for sources on European colonial architecture and town planning (c.1850-1970) »: international conference – 21 January 2014

« Creating a digital repository for sources on European colonial architecture and town planning (c.1850-1970) »: international conference

Date : 21 January 2014

Venue : Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment – Berlage Room – Julianalaan 134 – 2628 BL Delft – The Netherlands

Contact : Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen (project coordinator) – T +31(0)648-280375 / (0)15-2781129 – E P.K.M.vanRoosmalen@TUDelft.nl

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The conference ‘Exploring the colonies: European colonial architecture and town planning (c.1850-1970)’ brings together Europe-based scholars specialising in European colonial architecture and town planning. The speakers will present papers about a variety of aspects of colonial built heritage in Angola, the Dutch East Indies, Eritrea, India, Mozambique, Nigeria and South-Africa. The variety of topics related to European colonial built heritage presented in the papers, will demonstrate the richness and breadth of this topic, and illustrate its relevance within the realm of world architecture and planning. The conference will illustrate the possibilities of transnational comparative research about European colonial architecture and town planning and offers an excellent opportunity for scholars, collection keepers and policy-makers to acquaint themselves with this fascinating aspect of European built heritage. The conference is part of the repository for sources on European colonial architecture and town planning (c.1850-1970) that was initiated and developed by the History Department of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft’s University of Technology.


The motivation behind the repository is the recognition that although colonial (built) heritage since the 1980s has become a research and design topic of increasing importance, studies about the development and significance of earlier twentieth-century colonial architecture and planning in an (inter)national context remains under-researched. To eliminate the geographic, economic, and linguistic barriers that often restrict access to relevant sources, the repository will provide open access to a comprehensive on-line resource offering digitised texts, still and moving images, maps, and archives. By providing researchers, policy makers and a lay audience worldwide access to primary and secondary sources on European colonial built heritage, the repository will facilitate and enhance policymaking and promote international and comparative research, whilst simultaneously generating and encouraging the discussion about the significance, management, and the use of this underutilised aspect of Europe’s built heritage. The repository is created in collaboration with various Dutch partners and funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.




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