« Maps of Malaya and Borneo – Discovery, Statehood and Progress » – Frédéric Durand et Dato’ Richard Curtis (Livre)

« Maps of Malaya and Borneo – Discovery, Statehood and Progress » – Frédéric Durand et Dato’ Richard Curtis – Malaysia, 2013, 1st Edition264 p. – ISBN :978-983-4477-37-0

Extrait du site Imasie : Maps of Malaya and Borneo: Discovery, Statehood and Progress showcases the extensive map collections of His Royal Highness Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, Sultan of Selangor, and Richard Curtis. The combined collections contain more than 160 maps dating from the 1500s to after Malaysia’s formation in 1963.

The collections include early Portuguese, Dutch, French and English maps, nautical charts, maps of the interior, maps from atlases and encyclopaedias, maps showing economy, culture and communications and urban maps. Extensive captions highlight key features of the maps, provide insights into their creators and explain the context in which the maps were produced and used.

The presentation of the collections is preceded by an authoritative text on the mapping of Malaya and Borneo over the last 1,800 years. This text explains the quest for accurate maps; illustrates how maps showcased the changing economic, cultural and political dynamics within Malaya and Borneo; and describes the evolution of mapping techniques as well as providing insights into the work of leading cartographers.

Dr Frédéric Durand is an associate professor at the University Toulouse II-LeMirail and was the higher education attaché at the Embassy of France to Malaysia from 2008 to 2010. His academic expertise encompasses the geography and mapping of Southeast Asia and the history of Indonesia. He has published several books on East Timor.

Dato’ Richard Curtis is the fourth generation in a line of merchants, sea captains and administrators to live in the region covered in this book. Born in Penang and raised and educated in Malaysia and the UK, he is on the boards of several Malaysian listed companies. He has co-authored two books with HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on their vintage car rally adventures driving from Peking to Paris and has been an editorial consultant for several books on the history of Malaysia. He has been collecting maps and early prints of Malaya and Borneo for more than 30 years.

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