Call for Papers: And yet it moves: ethics, power and politics in the stories of collecting, archiving and displaying of drawings and models. Architecture & Culture, Volume 9, Issue 3, Special issue guest edited by Federica Goffi (Carleton University, Canada) (deadline: 1 may 2020)

Special issue guest edited by Federica Goffi (Carleton University, Canada)
Website: Architecture & Culture, Volume 9/Issue 3

Architectural drawings and models are instruments of imagination, communication, and historical continuity. The role of drawings and models, their ownership, placement, and authorship in an age of incessant digital reproduction deserve careful consideration. Despite them being the first handiwork of the architect, not enough attention is given to discussions about the sites of drawing activity, or to the matter of housing them after construction, which is essential to the active relations between drawing and buildings, building and drawings in the edifying process that takes place after the buildings are built.

Robin Evans outlined the translational gap between drawings and buildings. Yet, translation does not end when buildings are built, and drawings and models are transferred to the places where their afterlives unfold. Importantly, what then emerges is that the epistemic relations that take place in the thereafter of construction are context dependent. This call asks to reflect on the role, practices, power relations, political negotiations and agency of archival locations as sites of knowledge construction and cultural production questioning the lives of drawings and models after construction. Considering that the Latin word translationem indicated a physical transporting, this call questions the relevance of ‘translations from place to place’ —when mobile architecture media move between offices, buildings, archives, websites and exhibition spaces finding renewed significance;3 these planned acts result from decisions leading to changes in meaning.


The full call for papers with a synopsis of the themes the authors could address, the instructions for authors, and the link for submitting a paper are available here.

Deadline for submissions: 1 May 2020

If you have any queries, please contact the Guest Editors: Federica Goffi

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