Doctorial Studies : “Approaching Research Practice in Architecture” – TUM Department of Architecture (Munich) – 8 et 9 octobre 2020

The international and digital PhD event “Approaching Research Practice in Architecture. Five Questions” takes place on October 8.-9., 2020. The two-day program includes lectures, panels, and discussions.

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The event takes as its point of departure the growing interest in practice-oriented research in the broadest sense, including expanding modes of work in well-established areas of architectural research such as architectural history and theory or urban and landscape studies. This workshop is part of the program of the BauHow5 Consortium including the Swedish research school ResArc (ETHZ, TUD, TUM, UCL, CTH, LTH, KTH) and funded by the Erasmus+ project SABRE
Hosted by Meike Schalk (KTH), Torsten Lange (TUM), Andreas Putz (TUM) and Frank van der Hoeven (TU Delft).

Contribution membre UMR AUSser

Trajectories IV – B ‘Materiality and Sustainability’
Chairs: Ute Besenecker (KTH); Hilde Remoy (TUD)

Felix Graf (UCL) ‘Knowledge exchange between makers and designers’
Natalia Petkova (Paris Est, ACS/AUSser) ‘Form follows material? Building in massive stone today’
Pehr Mikael Sällström (KTH) ‘Making of a sustainable architecture’
Rasha Sukkariyyeh (BAU) ‘Generative design through agent-based systems: A new
methodology integrating alternative materials, fabrication and construction techniques in the
design process’

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