[Visioconférence] « The Terms of Habitation: Re-theorizing the Architecture of Housing » – Israel Institute for Advanced Studies – 09 au 12 novembre 2020

Convened by the Research Group “Retheorizing the Architecture of Housing as Grounds for Research and Practice” at the Israel Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS), co-organized by Yael Allweil, Gaia Caramellino, and Susanne Schindler.

The conference aims to recast architecture as a crucial aspect of housing provision and closely examine its divorce from housing as cardinal to the development of the current crisis. In order to develop a new outlook on the problem, the conference will investigate and theorize the language of housing. An exploration of terminology offers a theoretical frame that reconnects design to policy, finance, and other criteria and lays the ground for envisioning the capacities of architecture in a post-neoliberal society.


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Participation membre UMR AUSser

Session B: Design Typology
Session Chair: Ana Vaz Milheiro [avmilheiro4@gmail.com]
Lien vers zoom : https://technion.zoom.us/j/98414701343
Marta Averna, Roberto Rizzi
Marija Milinković, Dragana Ćorović,
Nevena Vasiljević, Zlata Vuksanović-Macura
Anne Debarre (ACS/AUSser)

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