[MOOC] “Tracing the Past: an introduction to Northern-Lanna and Chiang Mai Urban Development”

Cours de Komson Teeraparbwong (Asst. Prof. Komson Teeraparbwong, Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, Doctorant IPRAUS/AUSser) : “TRACING THE PAST: An Introduction to Northern-Lanna and Chiang Mai Urban Development”

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Course Detail

This course outlines the significant stages of Chiang Mai’s urban development that resulted from time to time since the foundation of the town by King Mengrai in 1296. The course will not only ground the basic understanding of Chiang Mai brief history, but also provide an insight understanding of the town’s urban transformation which is divided in 5 periods as follows; 1) the foundation of the historic Town’s morphology; 2) the process of “Lannanization” as the golden era of Chiang Mai’s Arts and Culture; 3) the “rebirth” period of the town during King Kawila; 4) the “East-meet-West” era that led to many infrastructure’s developments in Chiang Mai; 5) the urban development and transformation from “town-to-city” period as part of Thailand’s 5-year National Economic and Social Development Plans (NESDP) since 1961 and this has shaped Chiang Mai becoming the Northern Region’s hub of Thailand for administration, education, health, tourism and commerce with many emerging urban aspects towards the city’s contemporary Urbanism. 

Course Content

Course Introduction
Lesson 1: The Foundation of Chiang Mai
Lesson 2: The Golden period of “Lanna”
Lesson 3: The Rebuilding of the town
Lesson 4: “East-Meet-West” period
Lesson 5: Today’s Urbanism

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Pascal Fort (2020, 14 décembre). [MOOC] “Tracing the Past: an introduction to Northern-Lanna and Chiang Mai Urban Development” Carnet de veille UMR AUSser. Consulté le 25 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/v0ui

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