[Visio-conférence] Masterclass “The City as a Renewable Resource” – IUAV – 25-26 March 2021

The PhD students Alessia Franzese, Andrea Fantin, Giacomo Magnabosco and Luca Nicoletto are pleased to invite you to the Masterclass “The City as a Renewable Resource” that will take place on 25-26 March 2021 among the IUAV PhD School activities. 


The masterclass aims to investigate the role of urban space as a renewable resource, interpreting the ‘city-territory’ as a stratification of actions, practices, projects and policies.

After a long period in which the paradigm of growth and expansion dominated the spatial design, we are facing a transition towards a cycle in which the city-territory is going to rewrite itself. 

By assuming existing space as a limited resource, we would like to discuss the need for a radical reinterpretation of the space as a palimpsest of traces, flows and changes by exploring new descriptive forms and projective intentions for future visions. 

The masterclass sheds light on both the physical dimension of the territory projects and the role of urbanism through three key research questions: 

Is the city a renewable resource? How will the urban project change? Is space (still) relevant? 


Resource | 25.03.2021 | 15.00 – 18.00 (GMT+1) 
MS Teams Link
Lecturers: Filippo Barbera, Gabriele Pasqui, Michelangelo Russo
Discussants: Ilda Curti, Simone Rusci
The session will be held in Italian

Project | 26.03.2021 | 09.30 – 12.30 (GMT+1) 
MS Teams Link
Lecturers: Paola Viganò, Günter Vogt
Discussants: Aristide Athanassiadis, Margherita Manfra, Thomas Stellmach
The session will be held in English

Space | 26.03.2021 | 15.00 – 18.00 (GMT+1)
MS Teams Link
Lecturers: Miodrag Mitrasinovic, Arjan Van Timmeren, David Wachsmuth
Discussants: Mathieu Berger, Nikos Katsikis, Julie Marin
The session will be held in English

Informations pratiques

Owing to the current ongoing pandemic situation, the masterclass will be conducted virtually on Microsoft Teams platform (app/web service) gathering international renewed lecturers and discussants from different backgrounds.

Live Streaming

Contact :
Andrea Fantin – afantin@iuav.it 
Alessia Franzese – afranzese@iuav.it 
Giacomo Magnabosco – gmagnabosco@iuav.it 
Luca Nicoletto – lnicoletto@iuav.it

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