Call for Submissions “Xenakis 22: Centenary International Symposium” (deadline: 15th of October 2021)

Xenakis 22: Centenary International Symposium

24-29 May 2022, Athens & Nafplio, Greece
Website: Xenakis 22

The symposium is organised by

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Université Paris 8
  • The Friends of Xenakis Association
  • The University of the Peloponnese

Scientific Committee

Moreno Andreatta (CNRS-IRMA/University of Strasbourg & IRCAM/Sorbonne University), Pavlos Antoniadis (Technische Universität Berlin / Humboldt Stiftung), Antonios Antonopoulos (Independent musicologist), Anne-Sylvie Barthel-Calvet (Université de Lorraine, CRULH / Université de Strasbourg, ACCRA, CREAA), Alain Bonardi (Université Paris 8, CICM/MUSIDANSE), Emilios Campouropoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Dimitris Charitos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Agostino Di Scipio (Conservatorio di L’Aquila), Léda Dimitriadi (ENSA Paris-Malaquais / ACS / UMR AUSSER / PSL), Stylianos Dimou (Hong Kong Baptist University), Dimitris Exarchos (Independent researcher), Alexandros Efklidis (Greek National Opera Alternative Stage), Anastasia Georgaki (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens), Benoît Gibson (Universidade de Évora), James Harley (University of Guelph), Peter Hoffmann (Independent researcher), Mihu Iliescu (Amis de Xenakis), Elisavet Kiourtsoglou (University of Thessaly), Marina Kotzamani (University of the Peloponnese), Mikhail Malt (IRCAM), Dimitris Maronidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Alfia Nakipbekova (University of Leeds)
Marcos Novak (transLAB/MAT/UCSB), Kostas Paparrigopoulos (HSAE), Panagiotis Parthenios (Technical University of Crete), Curtis Roads (UCSB), Stéphan Schaub (São Paulo State University at Campinas – UNICAMP – NICS/IA), Makis Solomos (Université Paris 8, MUSIDANSE),
Ronald Squibbs (University of Connecticut), Iakovos Steinhauer (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens), Stefanos Thomopoulos (CRR de Nice), Olga Touloumi (Bard College), Iannis Zannos (Ionian University), Thanassis Zervas (University of Macedonia)

Call for Submissions

The work of composer and architect Iannis Xenakis spans several fields, with significant contributions in instrumental composition, electroacoustic music, music theory, multimedia and site-specific performances, and architectural design. His vision pertains to topics such as city planning, studies of morphology, philosophy, or the role of the arts in relation to the sciences. He was a pioneer interdisciplinary artist and thinker. The study of his work is relevant and significant for understanding the history of modern music, art, and architecture, and their relationship to historical and political events since the second world war.

In recent decades the study of Xenakis’s work has seen a continuous rise in performances and recordings by a new generation of musicians and multimedia artists, as well as by symposia and publications. Moreover, access to the Xenakis Archives ( has helped to advance new research even further. We can thus refer to a broad field of Xenakis Studies that is increasingly in dialogue with fields such as new media art, sound studies, performance studies, politics, ecology, parametric design in architecture, or sound art. This field has already been established in a series of dedicated symposia: Paris 1998, Nice (France) 2001, Athens 2005, Guelph (Canada) 2006, Cologne 2006, London 2011, Nicosia (Cyprus) 2011, Paris 2012 and 2015, and Leeds (UK) 2017.

The present symposium will accommodate this renewed interest by inviting musicologists, musicians, architects, specialists of multimedia art, and artists to celebrate his legacy on the centenary of his birth and to share their recent or ongoing research on Xenakis. Please note that this call aims to attract original findings that have not been previously presented elsewhere.

Indicative Topics : Aesthetics, Philosophy, Politics, Ecology, Instrumental music, Electroacoustic and Computer Music, Music theory, analysis, Computational music models, Architecture, Space, Parametric Design, Performance studies, Technology interaction, new media, Polytopes and multimedia, Theatrical Works and Performances, Archival research, genetic criticism, Historical contextualisation, Xenakis’ influence on present-day music and artistic practice

Proposal Submission

Proposals can be in the form of:
– Academic Papers
– Workshops (including or not public participation)

The symposium’s language is English.

All proposals to be submitted via EasyChair.

Academic Paper Proposals

  • Stage 1: Short abstract (ca. 500 words) & brief CV (100 words) of main author(s) by 15th of October 2021
  • Stage 2: Full-length article (5000 words maximum) by 15th of January 2022
  • Stage 3: Camera-ready article by 15th of March 2022

Workshop Proposals

  • Short description (ca. 500 words) & brief CV (100 words) of main author(s) by 15th of October 2021
    All proposals will be judged and reviewed anonymously by the Scientific and Reviewing Committee of the symposium.

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