Call for EAHN22 (European Architectural History Network ) Seventh International Meeting (deadline: September 6, 2021)

EAHN2022 will take place in Madrid, Spain, hosted by the School of Architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The Call for Papers is now open and abstracts can be submitted until 6 September 2021.


Sessions will consist of either five papers or four papers and a respondent, with time for dialogue and questions at the end. Each paper should be limited to a 20-minute presentation. Abstracts for presentations should define the subject and summarize the argument to be presented in the proposed paper. The content of that paper should be the product of well-documented original research that is primarily analytical and interpretative rather than descriptive in nature.

S01 – Architectural Criticism: Constructing a History
Chairs: Hélène Jannière, Université Rennes 2; Paolo Scrivano, Politecnico di Milano.     

S02 – Architectural culture in Charles V’s Empire (1519-1556). From global ambitions to scientific approaches

S03 – Bathroom Matters: Architectures and Infrastructures of the Twentieth Century

S04 – Building from Print: Reconsidering the agency of the building manual

S05 – Countercultural Trends: Contemporary Readings on Late 20th Century Architectural Texts and Works

S06 – Diplomatic Architecture and Changing Power Relations from Imperialism to Post-Colonialism

S07 – Embodied Energy Through Time: Architecture and its Histories of Resource Consumption

S08 – Histories of Informal Architecture

S09 – Learning from Madrid, an open session on Contemporary Urban Peripheries

S10 – Magical Architecture

S11 – Mid-Century Modern Architecture and the Academic Tradition

S12 – Non-Aligned Narratives – South and Eastern European Architectural Criticism during the Cold War

S13 – Poetry Designing Architecture: A Global Exploration of Structures Arising from Poetry

S14 – The Architecture of Global Governance

S15 – The Combinatorial Imperative: Discourses and Practices of Architectural Modularity in the 20th Century

S16 – The compact city inside out. Compact cities throughout the ages

S17 – Untimely Teachers: Recovering Postmodernism’s Anachronic Pedagogies

S18 – Urban Design and the Rediscovery of the Historic City

S19 – Women and Radical Bureaucracy

S20 – Women in Architectural Periodicals: Gender Stereotypes, Feminist Discourse and the Female Gaze

Round tables

Round tables will consist of five to ten participants and an extended time for dialogue, debate and discussion among chair(s) and public. Each discussant will have 10 minutes to present a position. Abstracts for round table debates should summarize the position to be taken in the discussion.

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