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La Rivista di Engramma n°188, janvier-férvier 2022 est parue.

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The present issue of “La Rivista di Engramma” is dedicated to the topic of the architecture journal, a sector that is in transformation, and the centre of ongoing debate. In the current historical moment – where digital platforms allow a sort of happy anarchy for unfiltered information about the architectural culture and each architect, studio or group can build the communication from their own experience in the professional field without great constraints of budget and time – what remains of the architecture journal? What is its goal: information, communication, architectural criticism or something else? What kind of problems do architecture journals face today? Have they accepted the challenge of the transition from paper to digital? If so, how? And what is the role of graphics in this transition? Has the digital revolution affected/influenced/improved the knowledge of architecture and its diffusion?

Contribution membre UMR AUSser

Nicole Cappellari, Julien Correia (membre associé IPRAUS/AUSser) : Discussion sur les revues de tendance avec Jacques Lucan

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