[Parution] City (Analysis of Urban Change, Theory, Action) Volume 25, 2021 – Issue 5-6

City (Analysis of Urban Change, Theory, Action) Volume 25, 2021 – Issue 5-6.

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dont article de : Meg Holden, Cédissia About, Claire Doussard (membre associée AHTTEP/AUSser), Hugo Rochard, Annika Airas & Apolline Poiroux : Off-cycle. Comparing model sustainable neighbourhoods in France and Canada

Abstract: Comparative case study research in two prototype model sustainable neighbourhoods, Fréquel Fontarabie in Paris (France) and Dockside Green in Victoria (Canada), sheds new light on questions of ecogentrification in urban redevelopment cycles. The two cases are chosen for their superficial similarities, as mutual but independent frontrunners of the international movement to build sustainable neighbourhoods. They are also chosen for contrast value; the notable difference is that Fréquel is state-led and state-certified, dominated by social housing, compared to Dockside which is private sector-led and third party certified, dominated by market housing. The two cases offer certain shared features, including urban design, infrastructure, and amenities associated with green, bourgeois, and participatory democratic values. Beneath the surface, we examine how the redevelopment models pursued cycles of creative destruction of waste and value differently from how this cycle functions under hegemonic neoliberalism. In both cases, new wastes are identified and new values created, that reach beyond economic capital into social, political and ecological territory as well. Confronting the specific dynamics of waste and value formation in different urban contexts offers new means to advance understanding of neighbourhood redevelopment and transformation and how values of solidarity and nature can be advanced off-cycle from the persistent churn of new forms of capital.

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Une vidéo a été réalisée par les auteurs sur leur article et a été publiée sur la chaîne youtube du journal City.

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Pascal Fort (2022, 25 mars). [Parution] City (Analysis of Urban Change, Theory, Action) Volume 25, 2021 – Issue 5-6. Carnet de veille UMR AUSser. Consulté le 15 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/v1af

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