EAUH Antwerp Conference: 15th Conference of the European Association of Urban History – University of Antwerp​ – 31 August – 3 September 2022

The 15th EAUH Conference will be held from Wednesday 31 August – Saturday 3 September 2022, at the University of Antwerp​.

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The EAUH conference tackles all disciplines and themes within urban history, but the central conference theme is ‘Inequality and the City’. Therefore, the European Association of Urban Historians invites all scholars to reflect on the complex relationship between social inequality and the city. While traditionally social inequality is a preferential playing field for economic and social historians, the conference’s main goal is to tackle this vast theme from a multi-dimensional perspective. Social inequality is not only mirrored but also wrought in forces as different as spatial dynamics, gender, race and class relations, demographic structures, housing and sanitary conditions, labour markets, social security systems, literacy and education, crime, public transport, ecological concerns and so on. This interconnectedness is the very essence of urban social inequality, and more often than not it is also closely linked to historical path-dependencies. Hence, in order to adequately address the historical relationship between (in)equality and the city, a perspective is needed that includes the social, political, cultural, economic conditions thereof across urban societies.

In order accommodate everyone, the conference will already start on Wednesday 31 August in the afternoon with two slots for sessions, before we kick off with the opening ceremony in the early evening with keynotes and information about the conference, followed by a reception. The rest of the conference is more or less as we are used in EAUH, four time slots per day, two short coffee breaks and one lunch break each day. Each day will also be ended with a communal keynote lecture, followed on Thursday by a cultural activitit and a reception, and on Friday by the (optional) conference dinner. The last day of the conference consists of two time slots, lunch and a closing ceremony. We end the conference with a goodbye drink.


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