17th International Docomomo Conference – Valencia (Espagne) – 06 au 09 septembre 2022

La 17th International Docomomo Conference aura lieu à Valencia, Spain, entre le 06 et 09 septembre 2022, sur le thème : “Modern Design: Social Commitment & Quality of Life”.

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The proposed theme was defined the way that it may be included in the official program of the World Design Capital to be held in Valencia in 2022.
Architects once viewed modern design, including the treatment of interior space, furnishings and other objects as part of their overall projects that included the treatment of the interior space, furnishings and other objects. One of their main objectives was to meet the needs of the new way of life by coming up with innovative and functional solutions for creating new ambiences. The influence of the social hygiene movement and its requirements – comfort and easy to use – ensured that their results were of a markedly ergonomic nature.

The relationship that was forged between modern design and industry, through the use of new materials and techniques, led to the creation of companies specializing in the manufacture of certain objects sprang up that took a new look at traditional criteria. Today, many of those designs are still with us, appearing in catalogues as cultural icons.

This theme will encourage us to reflect upon how re-thinking interior space in the widest sense was tackled, the different contexts where it was developed and who the main artifices were. If the proposed theme is, in itself, pertinent, today it is of even greater interest as, curiously, the improvement in the health conditions of habitable spaces is an insistent social demand as a result of the international spread on the COVID 19 pandemic.

Les thématiques

#01 The avant gardes
#02 Post-war. International expansion
#03 The latin American contribution
#04 Modern pioneering women
#05 Iberia. Cultural identity
#06 New materials and innovative technologies
#07 Urban design and public space
#08 Landscape and gardens

Contribution membre UMR AUSser

#2. Post-war. International expansion : S06. Industrialization: Processes and Products – Chair: UTA POTTGIESSER : (9 septembre, 10h20-12h20)

“Sea, sun and fun: Georges Candilis’ researches on leisure units (1963-1979)”

Catherine Blain. IPRAUS/AUSser, École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-Belleville, France

Laurent Duport. École nationale supérieure d’architecture Montpellier | La Réunion, France

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Pascal Fort (2022, 1 septembre). 17th International Docomomo Conference – Valencia (Espagne) – 06 au 09 septembre 2022. Carnet de veille UMR AUSser. Consulté le 14 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/v1e7

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