Symposium “Transit, Development, and Forme Urbaine: Washington et Paris” – 16 au 20 octobre 2014 – Washington

Symposium “Transit, Development, and Forme Urbaine: Washington et Paris”

Date : 16 au 20 octobre 2014

Lieu : Washington

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Extrait du site : The National Center for Smart Growth at the University of Maryland, the LABEX consortium of research universities in Paris, France, and several other cosponsors are pleased to announce a bi-national symposium on Transit, Transit-Oriented Development, and Urban Form. The purpose of the symposium is to exchange ideas and share information on sustainable transportation and urban development strategies in two prominent national-capital cities: Washington DC, and Paris, France.

Paper Sessions : 

Paper Session I : Paris-Washington: Comparative Timeline of Planning, Architecture and Transportation

Isabelle Gournay, School of Architecture, UMD

Discussants: Anne Grillet-Aubert and Karen Bowie

The Linear City: A Case Study of Connecticut Avenue

Matt Bell, School of Architecture, UMD

French Discussant: Virginie Picon-Lefebvre

US Discussant: Ellen McCarthy, District of Columbia

Paper Session II : The Effects of Bike Share on Transit Ridership

Sevgi Ergodan, Chao Liu, and Ting Ma, NCSG

French Discussant: Nacima Baron – US Discussant: Ralph Buehler, Virginia Tech University

Even Smarter Growth? Land Use Policy Impact on Transportation and Emissions in Maryland

Uri Avin, Fred Ducca, et al. – French Discussant: Alain L’Hostis – US Discussant: Bob Griffiths, National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board

Paper Session III : Equitable Transit-Oriented Development in Diverse Suburbs: Promise and Challenge

Rolf Pendall, Molly Scott, Urban Institute;, Willow Lung-Amam, Urban Studies and Planning, UMD, and Eli Knaap, NCSG – French Discussant: Marie Banatre – US Discussant: Kevin Nelson, US EPA

Transit-Induced Gentrification: Who Will Stay, and Who Will Go?

Casey Dawkins and Rolf Moeckel, NCSG – French Discussant: Guillaume de Tilière – US Discussant: Pam Dunn, Montgomery County Planning

Paper Session IV : Retail Location and Transit: An Econometric Examination of Retail Location in Prince George’s and Montgomery County, Maryland

Ting Ma, Eli Knaap, and Gerrit Knaap, NCSG – French Discussant: Colas Bazaud – US Discussant: Lee Soebel, RCLCo

Analysis of Firm Location and Relocation around Maryland and Washington, DC Metro Rail Stations

Hiro Iseki and Robert Jones NCSG – French Discussant: Teddy Delaunay – US Discussant: Valdis Lazdins, Montgomery County Planning

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