[Parution en ligne] Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge Vol. 2, n°3/2022 : “Species of Theses and Other Pieces”, 2022

Le numéro 3/2022 de la revue “Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge” et dont le thème est “Species of Theses and Other Pieces”, est paru en ligne en version intégrale.

Edited by Meike Schalk, Torsten Lange, Andreas Putz, and Tijana Stevanovic

Existe aussi en version papier.

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This issue entitled »Species of Theses and Other Pieces« is concerned with practice-oriented research. It responds to the growing interest in questions concerning architectural practice and the forms of representation that such research efforts can take. The issue began with the international doctoral workshop »Approaching Research Practice in Architecture: Five Questions« on October 8–9, 2020, followed by five further course modules for early career researchers between December 2020 and April 2021, and consequently concluded with this publication.

For this issue, consisting of 21 contributions, we have invited the participants and guest speakers from the course to contribute works about or for, and reflections through, a format; meaning a genre, form, style, media, or mode of representation for practice-oriented research and its implication for knowledge creation in architecture. With practice-oriented research we approach the broad field of artistic research, research by design, practice-based and practice-led approaches, research through practice, mixed-mode research, and broadly, practice-oriented methods and methodologies that have come to enter long-established architectural research areas such as history and theory, heritage studies, technology, and urban and rural studies among others. (Extrait editorial)

Contribution membre UMR AUSser

Natalia Petkova (doctorante ACS/AUSser) : Ethnography of Stone: Gathering – Layering – Cementing

Abstract: This article draws on my ongoing doctoral research on stone and its renewed use as a self-supporting or load-bearing material in architecture today. To complement the existing literature on the subject, which is overwhelmingly quantitative in nature, it discusses the potential, as well as some of the difficulties, of the ethnographic approach I have adopted instead. Focusing on my fieldwork around the construction of a collective housing project in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland, one of the case studies in my thesis, it explores the challenges that working with this geo-sourced material poses for the professional practice of actors involved in its production. By taking into account the perspectives of multiple actors across multiple sites, including the stone as found, it aims to contribute to a broader understanding of what its structural use does, and could, imply for architecture.

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