T2M Yearbook 2015 – Mobility in History Vol. 6. – International Association for the History of Transport Traffic and Mobility

T2M Yearbook 2015 – Mobility in History Vol. 6. – International Association for the History of Transport Traffic and Mobility

Kyle Shelton, Gijs Mom, Dhan Zunino Singh, Christiane Katz (eds.) – 2014,

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Extrait du site : With this volume a new editorial team has taken over with plans to carry on the strong tradition created by the preceding teams led by Gijs Mom and Peter Norton. Yearbook Six once again offers a collection of articles reviewing the cutting edge of mobility scholarship across several disciplines and highlighting exciting new directions toward which this vibrant field can move. In addition, this yearbook features two articles that represent the first iterations of what are intended to become annual features in future volumes.

Sommaire :

Preface : Kyle Shelton


The Crisis of Transport History: A Critique, and a Vista – Gijs Mom

Mobilities, Crises, and Turns: Some Comments on Dissensus, Comparative Studies, and Spatial Histories – Peter Merriman

Mao or Merriman? On Pitjantjatjara and Other Mobilities — A Response – Gijs Mom


New Perspectives in Aviation History: Flight Experiences of German Military Pilots – Christian Kehrt

Where Are We Going? A Discussion of Mobility History in Latin America – Dhan Zunino Singh

Feeling Motion: Revisiting Mobility History through Affect and Emotion – Mikkel Thelle

Indelible Lines: Revisiting Borders and Partitions in Modern South Asia – Malini Sur


Mobile Phones, Mobility Practices, and Transport Organization in Sub-Saharan Africa – Gina Porter

ICT Mobility Research in Finland: From Immaterial Consumption to Material Sustainability? – Sakari Taipale

Brazil: Modernity and Mobility – Martin Cooper

Portuguese Railway History: Still a Field of Opportunities? – Hugo Silveira Pereira

Technology, Modernity, and the State: Approaches to the History of Transit in Istanbul – James Ryan

Railways in Colonial South Asia – Ritika Prasad

Writing Bicycles: The Historiography of Cycling in the United States – Evan Friss

Making Mass Transit Serve the Public: Social Dimensions of Urban Mobility in Historical Perspective – Sarah Frohardt-Lane


Mobility History and Caribbean Tourism – Mimi Sheller

Boundaries and Crossings: Mobility, Travel, and Society in China, 1500–1954 — A Survey of the Field – Yajun Mo

Tourism and Mobility in Uruguay: A Historical Approach – Rossana Campodónico

Transport and Tourism in Brazil: An Ongoing Movement – Joana Carolina Schossler

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