[4th Candide Conference] “The Architectures of Catalogs The Catalogs of Architectures” – RWTH Aachen University (Allemagne) – 30 et 31 mars 2023

4th Candide Conference “The Architectures of Catalogs The Catalogs of Architectures” is organized by the RWTH Aachen University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architectural Theory
Sponsored by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Scientific committee: Prof. Axel Sowa, Dr. -Ing. Andrea Alberto Dutto, Ibai Rigby

Conference venue: Gästehaus der RWTH Aachen Melatener Straße 31, 52074 Aachen

Accédez à l’annonce : The Architectures of Catalogs


Catalogs produce multiplicities, and, at the same time, these multiplicities contribute to building catalogs. Even though catalogs are widely mentioned in books and manuals of architectural history, specific studies still need to be more systematic. The purpose of this conference is to initiate this systematization. Unlike other types of media—catalogs appear in various forms throughout history. Going back several centuries, early catalogs coincided with the very places of architecture—sometimes mythical ones like the library of Alexandria or the theaters of Camillus—and were built upon the idea of scientific inventories. A significant acceleration in their development occurred in the late 19th century with the promotion of goods and distribution chains on a global scale. In a way, catalogs laid the foundation for the consumer culture of European middle-upper classes and contributed to the emergence of mass consumption after the end of World War II. The mass diffusion of catalogs influenced the work of professionals in architecture and building engineering. Sometimes catalogs expressed alternative trends, instances of criticism, and mainstream cultural hijacking. This symposium focuses on the legacy of catalogs in architecture as an interface between different domains of knowledge, technology, and manufacturing.


Contribution membre associé de l’UMR AUSser

30 mars 2023 : Caroline Maniaque (ENSA Normandie, membre associée IPRAUS/AUSser) : “Catalog Culture across the Whole Earth Catalog”

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Pascal Fort (2023, 29 mars). [4th Candide Conference] “The Architectures of Catalogs The Catalogs of Architectures” – RWTH Aachen University (Allemagne) – 30 et 31 mars 2023. Carnet de veille UMR AUSser. Consulté le 24 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/v1jr

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