[Parution] Dearq n°34 : Article de Luis Burriel Bielza (membre associée IPRAUS/AUSser) : “Higiene y ritual en la arquitectura doméstica de OMA”

Burriel Bielza, Luis (2022). Higiene y ritual en la arquitectura doméstica de OMADearq1(34), 16–26. https://doi.org/10.18389/dearq34.2022.02

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Between 1984 and 1998, OMA developed a series of small-scale projects related to the domestic program. Rem Koolhaas uses these houses as a tool for reflection, a mean to explore the “hedonistic dimension” underlying at the very heart of the modern movement period. Among the spaces that stand out in this lineage connecting the Dutch architect to the great masters, the bathroom constitutes an extremely rich universe. In Koolhhaas’ project, water is the central focus in his ongoing research seeking to transcend the strictly hygienist and functional dimension in order to define a true ritual, at the service of which dimensions, perceptive relationships, routes and materials are decided.

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