[Parution] Journal of Contemporary Drama in English, Volume 11 Issue 1, May 2023

Journal of Contemporary Drama in English, Volume 11 Issue 1, May 2023 est paru.

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Contribution membre UMR AUSser

Dramaturgy and Design: A Roundtable Discussion with Anne Hamburger, Cristiana Mazzoni, and Andrew Todd

Anne Hamburger, Cristiana Mazzoni (directrice UMR AUSser), Andrew Todd, Page range: 232-248

Considering the long-standing collaboration between urban planning and theatre inconceiving of city spaces as dramaturgical ones involving the interaction of actingbodies, both private and public, we thought it perfectly fitting to have our confe-rence investigations conclude with a roundtable discussion between an urban de-signer, a theatre architect, and a creative director of city-site performance on26June 2022.The format invited each guest to give a brief talk and then to exchangewith each other by responding to questions. What follows is an enhanced transcriptof their encounter.

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