[Exposition] Waves 2023 – Università Iuav di Venezia (Italia) – June 26 – July 14 2023

Wave becomes plural: Waves. It is both a statement of organization and a program. Wave is plural in its structure because it represents multiple perspectives brought to the forefront. The 2023 edition marks the first gathering of a new collective experience, where the various disciplines of the project, which encompass the teaching and research of the Iuav University of Venice, work side by side. Alongside the architecture workshops, with a historic background spanning twenty-one editions, Waves incorporates a multitude of actions within the arts, design, fashion, planning and urbanism, theater, and performing arts, all expressions of the university’s educational offerings. The overall framework is characterized by the process of the workshop, emphasizing the importance of documentation and ongoing work feedback. 

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Contribution membre UMR AUSser

Atelier : Aquatic Construction Sites 26.06 / 14.07.2023 – room A1

Participation d’Alessandra Marcon (membre associée OCS/AUSser) avec son collectif Latitude.

The efforts of hydraulic engineers in interpreting flows behaviour are directed at establishing flow rates and levels, measures that fix fluids in static figures. Yet, also for hydraulics, measurements of rainfall, river flows, and sea levels are probabilities, not certainties. It happens that predictions are disproved, that levels are exceeded, that land extends into water and water extends into land. The figure of fluidity is the opposite of the ground as a stable support. What crumbles are the familiar foundations of architectural practice.

Aquatic Construction Sites recognises the pervasiveness of fluid conditions and the inexorable overcoming of flow rates and levels; in the Aquatic Construction Sites, fluidity is experienced. In order to enter a mindset of fluidity, we train body and language for three weeks, observing and touching fluid matter. We build that do not fight, capture and fix the fluid states, but allow and synchronise it. To do so, we proceed according to abductive movements, that is, observations, insights and experiments that, just as in hydraulic predictions, do not define absolute certainties rather probabilities.

The Aquatic Construction Sites are hosted by Venice’s existing situations that are strictly dependent on water, open to explore the lack of stability in its availability and collection of water, tidal fluctuations, contamination of the lagoon environment, and transitions in the state of the aquatic matter. The constructed devices will continue to inhabit the Aquatic Construction Sites after the three weeks of W.A.V.E. until they are able to synchronise with the fluid conditions.

Aquatic Construction Sites stems from the reflections developed within flux.urbains, a research network initiated by urbanes.land and Latitude Platform involving researchers, amateurs and riparian associations with the ambition of twinning Europe’s secondary rivers, hybrid bodies of water that are largely transformed and still essential for the future. (Extrait du site)

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Pascal Fort (2023, 20 juillet). [Exposition] Waves 2023 – Università Iuav di Venezia (Italia) – June 26 – July 14 2023. Carnet de veille UMR AUSser. Consulté le 24 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/v1na

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