[Conférence] Mapping as Research Strategy – International Institute for Asian Studies – 25 juin 2024

In this HAB online conversation session of the Academic Ontologies series, the HAB and IIAS Fellowship programmes invite Min Tang, Anitha Silvia, and Omar Rodriguez to share their experience using maps as a research strategy in Mumbai (India), Surabaya (Indonesia), and Mexico City (Mexico), respectively.

This event takes place online via Zoom from 14:30 until 16:00 p.m. Amsterdam Time (CEST).

Accédez à l’annonce : Mapping as Research Strategy

Contribution membre associée UMR AUSser

Popular cartography: Rethinking Mapping as Collaborative Knowledge production strategies

Speaker: Min Tang, Faculty, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, membre associée IPRAUS/AUSser

International activists, architects, and urbanists have driven the growing ‘counter-mapping’ movement and its offshoots, appropriating mapping techniques to support marginal or indigenous communities’ fight for land-centric rights. However, this talk focuses on the growing challenge of capturing more invisible, mobile, and makeshift inhabitation of youth across uneven urban spaces. It foregrounds the methodological question of how the heuristic research practices of mapping and ethnography operate together to co-produce such situated knowledge of/with the marginal youth, in and beyond the fieldwork. By critically reflecting on collaborative map-making and storytelling with young adults in Dharavi (Mumbai), it argues for mapping as an open-ended collaboration in which mappers’ various ‘finding’ and ‘founding’ acts to support the production of situated knowledge of an ever-shifting urban margin. The continuous efforts to make such knowledge visible is through re-reading, re-writing, and re-drawing acts. The method prompted by this experience is proposed as ‘popular cartography’. It aims to transcend mappers’ backgrounds, technical skills, and disciplinary biases, and offers a collaborative medium for expressing often overlooked, opaque or difficult-to-describe lived experiences.

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