Conférence de Caroline Maniaque “Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul” – Mendrisio, Suisse – 20 avril 2016

Conférence de Caroline Maniaque “Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul”

Lieu : Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Suisse

Date : 20 avril 2016

The juxtaposition of longitudinal brick bays covered with surbased vaults which exemplifies the use of minimal modular space in the Maisons Jaoul brings us to speak of “the other Le Corbusier,” who, as early as 1930, had turned his back on the mechanistic and purist vision that was his in the twenties.  While he did not discard those spatial principles which he had helped develop since 1920, Le Corbusier “realized” that “rustic materials were in no way detrimental to a clear plan and a modern aesthetic; having grown increasingly conscious of the  crucial role of materials in modern architecture, he came to combine so-called primitive and state-of-the-art techniques, while remaining faithful to the principles of composition outlined in Vers une architecture.

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