Appel à articles pour la revue Architectural Histories, de l’EAHN (European Architectural History Network) : «  »Resilience and Recovery in architectural history and historiography » (Deadline : 1 June 2017)

Architectural Histories invites paper abstracts for a special themed issue on « Resilience and Recovery in architectural history and historiography »

Submission deadline: 1 June 2017
Authors will receive notification by 20 June 2017
Deadline for final articles: 1 January 2018

All material should be submitted to :

Accédez à l’appel : cliquez ici

We live today in a world of rapid change. These changes take form in technological innovations, socio-economic shifts, political uncertainties, cultural developments, and climatic and ecological divergence. The resulting storms of excitement, fear and anxiety have stimulated the development of new constructs in the social and applied sciences, notably the concept of resilience. Developed first in relation to biological and ecological systems, resilience is generally understood as the ability of something or someone to return to a stable state from an anomalous one. On a more subtle level, “resilience” implies processes of negotiation, absorption, and adaptation in response to significant change. Within architectural history, recent
research on resilience has focused on the ecological and environmental issues, with specific attention to the development of building in response to present and future changes. Less has been written about the social and cultural dimensions of the change in respect to architectural production – how constructions have adapted to change in the past, and the ways in which these changes have been theorized and presented in history. The EAHN journal Architectural Histories seeks to expand the discourse on resilience in architecture, and the correlative idea of recovery.

Architectural Histories invites abstracts for articles that explore these ideas and concepts in relation to any period, epoch or region of architecture.


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