History and Future of intermodal mobilities : dixième congrès international de T2M

Ce congrès international a lieu à Madrid, au museo del Ferrocaril, du 15 au 18 novembre 2012.

Organisateur : International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility

Site internet : http://t2m.org/conferences/conference-2012/

Présentation extrait du site : The Madrid Conference seeks to analyse the processes of interconnection and integration among the different modes of transport from a historical perspective, and will therefore deal with the various aspects that converge therein: economic, social, institutional, political, technological, territorial and patrimonial. Consequently, the suggested research topics related to the concept of intermodality are the following:

– International and transnational intermodality and its technical, economic and political-administrative aspects.

– Intermodality and migratory processes.

– Intermodality in metropolitan cities and its effects on urban development and on transport demands and everyday travel habits.

– The planning of intermodal complexes throughout history: projects, successes and failures.

– Spaces for modal interchange: stations, airports, sea and river ports.

– Technological consequences for modal interchange in the sea and river transport sphere: from stowage to container traffic.

– Intermodality in the air traffic sphere. The airport within reach of the city and major intermodal hubs: from metropolitan connections to the emergence of high-speed lines.

– Light intermodality in large cities: the different ways in which users access the transport system (walking, cycling and driving to major intermodal hubs).

– Intermodality and environment

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Pascal Fort (2012, 7 novembre). History and Future of intermodal mobilities : dixième congrès international de T2M. Carnet de veille UMR AUSser. Consulté le 15 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/uyc1

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