Call for Papers – Rivista di estetica 1/2019

Call for Papers – Rivista di estetica 1/2019

[ITA] Avviso agli interessati alla teoria del progetto architettonico, Giovanni Durbiano e Alessandro Armando stanno curando il numero 1/2019 di “Rivista di estetica” dedicato a The science of futures. La Call for Papers scade il 30 gennaio 2018.

[ENG] To all interested in the architectural design theory,  Giovanni Durbiano and Alessandro Armando are the editors of number 1/2019 of “Rivista di estetica” dedicated to The science of futures. The Call for Papers will close on January 30, 2018.

The science of futures. Promises and previsions in architecture and philosophy.

This issue of Rivista di Estetica will be devoted to the relationship between the theoretical discourse on architectural design and the Future Studies: a field of research, which has been growing up during the last years, trying to extend the possibility of previsions to the social reality. This kind of studies aims to investigate the manifold images of future, in order to promote present actions. In the field of architectural design, the problem of future is present in every architects’ practices: they design something that does not exist now – and maybe it will never exist. Architects produce new conditions, which will affect the future, so that they need both to predict and to promise future effects by their projects. Parallelly, philosophers have explored the future – its ontological consistencies, for instance – in philosophy of time, and future as a ‘prevision of state of affairs’ is a theme in philosophy of economics. Furthermore, philosophers usually aim to describe and eventually predict the future, rather than constructing it.
In this issue we want to re-shape the actual consideration about future in architecture and philosophy. We want to explore, as first, the role of the future in architectural practices: What is to ‘represent’ future? What is a promise for the architects, and how they make promises through design? Secondly, the power of design in determining e promising something in the future depends on specific intellectual technologies. What kind of architectural devices, codes and techniques of representation can we develop for describing futures? Are they the long-term effect of historical traditions, or are they the ongoing outcome of a continuous innovation? Can we design projects representing the diachronic process and, at the same time, working as contracts? The third field we invite for papers is the epistemology of future studies and the theory about future. Are there any scientific perspectives on future studies, out of a deterministic approach? Alternatively, do we have to consider the investigation of the future in the social context as a mere narrative and a visionary exercise?
This call is open to not only architects and philosophers, but also to any kind of scholars interested in futures studies and architectural design – such as urban geographers and sociologists, ethnologists, engineers, STS scholars.

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