Call for papers : TICCIH 2018 Congress Chile

Call for papers : TICCIH 2018 Congress Chile : Industrial Heritage: Understanding the Past, Making the Future Sustainable

Deadline : March 15, 2018

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Abstract : Understanding and knowledge of industrial heritage from a wide multidisciplinary spectrum allows us to immerse ourselves in industrial heritage’s past role and incorporate this wisdom for future management. Understanding the past through industrial heritage will allow us to more effectively make the future more sustainable.

Presentations at the Congress will pursue this movement toward sustainability from industrial heritage within the following three Sections:

• Section 1: Research and Documentation: Presentations about research, publications and work related to the preparation of cadastres, inventories, and documentation, disciplinary or multidisciplinary, focused on knowledge and dissemination of industrial heritage.

• Section 2: Cases and Projects: Presentation about sites, containers and/or contents, where the value of the industrial heritage is manifested as a central objective of each project. Both completed projects and projects in the conceptual or programmed phase can be included in this section.

• Section 3: Industrial Heritage and Management: Presentations about sites, museums, industrial parks and all kinds of cultural initiatives that are operating or have operated with the objective of managing the industrial heritage and engaging the community. Industrial heritage managed through new activity is of great interest for the sustainability and the revaluation of its context.

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