Exposé sur « Political Dynamics and Identity Building of Waterfront Redevelopments of Old Port Areas – the case of Busan and Incheon » – 07 juin 2013

Ihnji Jon, étudiante au Master GLM Science Po , présentera un exposé sur le thème  suivant : « Political Dynamics and Identity Building of Waterfront Redevelopments of Old Port Areas – the case of Busan and Incheon »

Date : vendredi 7 juin de 10h30 – 12h00

Lieu : laboratoire Géographie Cites, 13 rue du Four, 5eme étage, salle de la bibliothèque.

Résumé de son intervention : This research attempts to assess the water redevelopment projects in old port areas, focusing on the two Korean port cities (Busan and Incheon) which are currently initiating mega-scale waterfront redevelopment projects for the first time in their history. What are the different political and economic interests, and what causes the main conflicts? Whose interests are prevailing over the others, and what are the effects? The waterfront redevelopment projects in Busan and Incheon clearly shows the conflict between public interests and private interest. As the financing issue is crucial to the realization of the project, the city governments and port authorities tend to submit to the requests of private developers; this reveals the aspect of “pro-growth, market-led” mode of governance. The result of this market-led pro-growth governance scheme is problematic especially because it endangers its own place authenticity due to the fact that similar types of private land
developments are happening in waterfront development projects all around the country or the world. Waterfront redevelopment not only reveals many aspects of local systems of governance such as local power structures, but also it is one of the most visible manifestations of urban values rooted in social, environmental, and cultural factors that are being appreciated as fundamental in the recent decades. Therefore the research includes not only political and economic aspect of the redevelopment
projects, but also attempts to tap on community activism and preservation of cultural heritage issues, shedding a light on the importance of cultural assets in identity building of the places.

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