Colloque « Revision, Revival and Return. The Italian Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century » – Florence 5-7 juin 2013

Le colloque « Revision, Revival and Return. The Italian Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century » aura lieu à Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa Villa I Tatt i, Florence les 5-7 juin 2013.

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Présentation extraite du site : The object of this conference is the Renaissance revival as a Pan-European phenomenon of critique, commentary and re-shaping of a nineteenth-century present perceived as deeply problematic. Sweeping the humanistic disciplines—history, literature, music, art, architecture, collecting etc—it marked the oeuvre of as diverse a group of figures as Ingres and E. M. Forster, Geymüller and Hildebrand, Michelet and Burckhardt, H. H. Richardson and Rilke, Carducci and De Sanctis. Though some perceived it as a “Golden Age”, a model for the present, some cast it as a negative example, thus showing that the triumphalist model had its detractors and that the reaction to the Renaissance was more complex than it may at first appear. This three day event then proposes to recover some of the multi-dimensionality of the reaction to, transformation of and commentary on the Italian Renaissance and its ties to nineteenth-century modernity, as seen both from within (by Italians) and from without (by foreigners, expatriates, travelers, etc.).

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