5th seminar of the series “New Urban Epistemologies & Diffuse Urbanization” – ENSA Paris-Belleville/Ipraus – 27th September 2018

5th seminar of the series “New Urban Epistemologies & Diffuse Urbanization”

Organized by: DCUN / Labex Urban Futures

Coordinated by: Adèle Esposito (CNRS / UMR AUSser 3329), Joël Idt (University Paris-Est, Lab’Urba), Clément Musil (UMR AUSser 3329)

Lieu : ENSA Paris-Belleville, IPRAUS, bâtiment B, 3ème étage, 60 Boulevard de la Villette, 75019 Paris

Date : 27th September 2018, 10h

Accédez à l’information : “New Urban Epistemologies & Diffuse Urbanization” 

Abstract: This session is entitled “Diffusing urbanization and hybrid economic activities in agricultural suburban areas”. It will focus on the development of hybrid activities in former rural peripheries. In various geographical contexts, massive urbanization of former rural peripheries leads to the emergence of new economic activities that profoundly transform the traditional socio-spatial organization: for instance farmers become land or real estate operators, develop agro-tourism activities for urban citizens or offer farm picking.

The presentations proposed in this session explore the stakeholders who are initiating these hybridizations, what kind of new activities are developed, how these processes are transforming urban forms, and also raise the question of compatibility of these hybrid schemes with initial agricultural activities.

A first talk will be provided by Andrew Marton (Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives – University of Victoria, Canada) who will deliver insights of his work on the hybrid spaces in the lower Yangzi Delta (China). A second guest, Gwenn Pulliat (CNRS – Lab Art-Dev – UMR 5281, France) will focus her presentation on the roles for farmlands in expanding cities based on various case studies in Vietnam and Thailand. A discussion among the participants will be held to conclude the seminar.

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