Workshop “Wording Urban Diffusion” – National School of Architecture of Paris Belleville – November 21st 2018

Organized by: Diffuse cities and Urbanization Network (DCUN) & Research group « Vocabularies of architectural and urban design across time » (CNRS / UMR-AUSSER)

Venue: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville (ENSA PB), salle des enseignants, 60, Boulevard de la Villette, 75019 Paris, FRANCE

Scientific coordinators: Isabelle Chesneau (AUSser); Adele Esposito (AUSser); Joël Idt (Lab’Urba)
Scientific committee: Eric Chauvier (AAU); Leslie Belton-Chevallier (IFSTTAR); Delphine Callen (Lab’Urba); Isabelle Chesneau (AUSser); Valérie Dufoix (AUSser); Adele Esposito (AUSser); Charles Goldblum (AUSser), Joël Idt (Lab’Urba), Nathalie Lancret (AUSser); Clément Musil (AUSser), Vincent Négri (ISP)

The diff usion of urbanization on greater scales is a global phenomenon that has called for revision of the analytical frames used to understand the relation between territories and urbanism. Since the 1960s, research on diff using urbanization in diverse geographical and historic contexts has produced terminologies and concepts in diff erent languages. This workshop, organized by the “Diff use Cities and Urbanization Network” (DCUN), questions the abundance of such production: is it crucial to grasp the local specifi cities of diff using urbanization in diverse settings? Does it refl ect the discomfort of scholars and planners face to urbanization phenomena that are not easy to defi ne? Do we still need new words and concepts, or shall we « compose with » the words that are already available to us, in order to describe present-day evolutions in the urban field?

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